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       I am excited and honored to embark on this journey to empower beautiful souls and communities who have the highest good for humanity in their minds and hearts.

     I bring a wholistic approach for Conscious Leaders and Heart-based Entrepreneurs to embrace your mission or passion that brings joy, inspiration and a sense of purpose. My approach involves our mind (ability to see the limitless potential without boxing ourselves with conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs, societal programming, and perceptions), Heart (coming from a place of love and compassion while releasing fears and emotions that do not serve us without any judgment) and the Physical tools and skills needed to thrive in today's physical reality. All in coherence, working together to create products/services that have a positive, long-lasting impact on humanity and communities that can thrive and co-exist in harmony with our Planet Earth.

      I assist in breaking down limitations (internal or external), technical challenges, or lack of experience to give the mental, emotional, and financial freedom to do things you love and to thrive in abundance while creating a huge impact across the world.  


​My deepest gratitude to my family, friends, my mentors and healers who have supported me and stood by my side throughout this journey.

Little bit about my journey...

        My real journey inwards started in 2020 altho I always had a curious spiritual side to me. Like many, I went through a dark night of the soul. I ran into an accident and lost my car, lost my job, got my heart broken, and much more that brought me to the full surrender of everything I knew about myself and my world as I know it until that point. I was feeling hopeless about my life and started to feel a sense of loneliness. I have always been blessed to be surrounded by ppl I loved and who loved me and supported me with my choices and journey but it didn't matter at that time and COVID lockdown didn't help either. 
        Now looking back, I see this as a blessing in disguise as this was a huge awakening point in my life. This is when I truly stepped up and started walking my spiritual path. I had several phases of denial, resistance, fear, insecurities, blame, and my inner critic whispering not-so-nice things about myself but kept peeling those layers without judgment and kept walking forward. I learned a lot about myself, the root causes for the patterns in my life, the influence of the conscious/subconscious mind, the energies, frequency, affirmations, and tools to navigate situations better, take responsibility for our realities, and be the creator of our own life. I chose the expansion through love and joy rather than contrast (pain/suffering). Since 2022, slowly but steadily I started seeing this internal work reflect in my physical reality. I was able to raise above the limiting belief, patterns, and loops and dissolve it much faster. I also see my gifts and blessings and I appreciate them even more. I went from surviving to thriving.
        I work in the Tech world building and driving products for almost a decade now for companies like Expedia, Amazon, Meta, etc...I love and enjoy what I do. But as I started getting more conscious awareness of my own life and others around me, I observed so many leaders with great potential, and healers doing huge impactful work in helping humanity with their products and services that include solving big problems such as mental illness, trauma-related stress, cancer, and more... There is this deep desire to show up to make that big impact on humanity but weren't able to fully step into this role. There are several layers to unpack on "why", but the struggle is real. To name a few, not knowing if they can even survive let alone thrive doing what they love and are passionate about, many are clueless on how to share their gifts out to the world to have a bigger impact or run a successful business or stuck in deeper emotions such as fear and cultural/societal limitations or unable to see their own potential to have confidence/clarity in their creations and so on.
        I bring my experience from the tech world along with all experience/learnings from the spiritual side of things together to bridge the gap that is needed. My mission is to provide the tools needed to anchor your creations, enable multiple abundance streams and bring the abundance, prosperity, and joy through your magical creations in every area of your life and others for the highest good of humanity and our Planet Earth.


We need every one of you and every one of your creations matters!

I am happy to connect and share more if you would like to know me deeper and would also love to hear about you and ur journey.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime

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