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I am here to assist in Anchoring the beautiful missions for all conscious leaders, healers and heart-based enterprenwurs to have w how I can be of service when my gifts such as my Clair’s are not fully online yet. But I realized that this shouldnt stop me from showing up to be in service. I have been observing over the past few years that quite a few Conscious Leaders (CL)/Visionaries who are ready to be in service but

Thank you for the opportnutiny to assisist you in your Jorney


My mission is bring a wholistiic apprrach to Enterpreuship where mind and heart are in coherence along with the skills needed to navigate the current systems for the business to thrive 

 receive limitless overflowing Abundance and harmony in all areas of their lives through their magical creations. 


am passionate and excited about thisEntrepreneurs to

My vision is bring impact on humanity living our lives in abundance

to Enable Conscious Leaders and Heart-based Entrepreneurs blosom as thjey bring anchor their  maical creatiions  into the physical reality timpacting humany, planet Earth beyond with their majical creatiions

I am truly exciited for this opportunity to bridge the gaps in wahtever way it has manifested in your life to fully step in with Confidence. I believe it is important to have a wholistic apprach for a long lasting Success. Our mind (conscious and uncnsouucs beleifs , societal programming and perceptiions), Heart (traumas and emotional that does not serve us) and the physical (tools and skills needed to thrive in this physical reality) together.

There has always been a spiritual side to me, but my real journey started in 2020. Like many i went thro a dark night of the soul. I ran into an accident and lost my car, lost my job, got my heart broken and much more that brought me to full surrender of everything i knew about myself and my world as i know until that point. I was feeling hopeless about my life at this point and started to feel a sense of loneliness I have always been blessed to be surrounded with ppl i loved and who loved me and supported me with my choices and journey but it didn't matter at that time. Now looking back, i see this as a blessing ini disguise as this is a huge awakening point of my life.

This was deep and this is when i started looking within myself and asking questions.


I was still looking outwards in blame , if this happend then, etc...but it was clear very soon i need to go inward, to look within and not outside for me to free me from the way i was feeling at that time.

This is when i truly stepped up and started walking my spiritual path.I had several phases of denial, resistance, fear , insecurities, my inner critic saying not so nice things about myself but kept peeling those layers and walking forward. This is also when i took my power back, trusted in my journey (not from a place of ego).
I learnt a lot about myself, root causes for the patterns in my life, the energies, frequency, affirmations and tools to rewrite any situation and live thro ur Higher Self and be the creator of ur own life and not feel hopeless. 

 decided to chose the spiritual expansion thro love and joy. This is when things truly started shifting, it made it easy for be to see my belief, patterns , loops and dissolve it much faster. I started seeing more of my internal work reflect in my physical reality since 2022. I went from suviving to thriving.

I am working in the Tech world building and driving products for almost a decade now for companies like Expedia, Amazon, Meta, etc...I love and enjoy what i do.  But as i started getting more conscious awareness of my own life and others around me, i observed so many beautiful leaders, healers are doing huge work in helping humanity with their products and services that includes solving for big problems such as mental illness, truama related stress, cancer and more.. But many are either cluless on how to reach to help more people or run a successful business or there is deeper emotions such as fear and cultural/societal limitations or just lack of confidence in their creations that is stoppiing from reaching the wider world in a huge way. We need every one of you! I see all creations scared and every one of you matters. There are several layers to unpack here , but the struggle is real. I am here to bridge the gap where it is needed, provide the right tools needed to anchor these creations enabling multiple abundance streams, thus bringing them abundance and prosperity and joy positively impacting through your creations and impact at a bigger scale.  for the highest good for humanity.


My deepest gratitude to my family, friends, my mentors and healers who supported me and been by my side throught this journey. I have learnt several techniques and tools that iam ready to share with the world. I super excited to embark on this journey to assist beautiful souls and communities who have the highest good for humanity in their mind and heart. I help in smashing down any and all Limitations, internal or external, technical or lack of experience inorder to give the mental, emotional and financial freedom to do things you love and to thrive in abundance while creating ripple effects across the wrold.

different programming and emotions but also the struggle is real and there is a need to bridge the gap between the heart-based innovations, spiritual and other mainstream offerings which helps  humanity is a huge way. At this point of time on earth, there is a real struggle for heart-based entrpreous and leders to create abundance streams with their product offeriings and

real and  still have some systems going thro this strthere was this missing peice of me trying to figure out how to be in service for humanity. This brought me here.

toWe all know and also scientifically proven that we are energies and our minds/heart play a huge role in healing and overall well being. Just that topic has several layers to unpack. I will leave that for another time :) 

but not able to fully step into their mission and passion cos don't know how to anchor that into this physical reality that would create the abundance to out them in thriving mode than surviving.

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