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I have wondered how I can be of service when my gifts such as my Clair’s are not fully online yet. But I realized that this shouldnt stop me from showing up to be in service. I have been observing over the past few years that quite a few Conscious Leaders (CL)/Visionaries who are ready to be in service but have technological barriers or have no prior knowledge/experience about online business and HOW TO. We all know today, technology and social media is a big way to reach many ppl and also plays a very important role in Marketing and scaling a Business Offering which also translates to personal Abundance. Many of us do need this abundance to show up fully for our Mission.

My mission with this offering is to assist CL to bring their vision and use my product technology and Business background (growth strategy, building, launching products,etc..with companies like Amazon, Meta) to help them set up a successful business  with the right tools that enables multiple abundance streams, thus bringing them abundance and prosperity, money and joy serving through their creations and mission and also being able to reach humanity at a bigger scale. 


This offering is my first step towards my Mission.My vision is to assisting in smashing down any and all Limitation, internal and external, technology, experience, etc… and  to give CL’s precious time back to do things that they love, be it healing or sipping delish drink on a Beach while their multidimensional self is doing grid work somewhere 😃

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